Dover ferry port simulation study

Dr Angeloudis led the development of a ferry terminal simulation model that was commissioned by a major ferry operator in 2007, to inform the introduction of automated truck check-in technology at the Port of Dover.

The model was used to evaluate the present and future vehicle processing times throughout the ferry boarding process. It studied average and peak demand conditions, ferry schedule variations and the impact of breakdowns, outages and security incidents.

To model was developed using the VISSIM simulation tool. A bespoke vehicle logic controller was developed using its API and the C# language, which helped implement the elaborate system of rules that govern the flow of trucks visiting the port, including:

  • Randomised X-Ray inspections
  • Customs check-in processes
  • Driver passport checks
  • Presence of automated/manned check-in booths
  • Separate processes for cars, buses and trucks.
  • Multiple ferry berths with separate queuing areas

Project Details


Michael Bell   Project Lead
Panagiotis Angeloudis   Terminal Modelling

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