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Fist Sinhalese Software (TS Antivirus)

We all know that all antivirus software that has just been released has been released in English Baasha. but this

 TS Antivirus software is available in our mother tongue in Sinhala. Therefore, it can be easily used for anyone who does not know English. This is designed by software manufacturer Taubara Sandarevan in the Sabaragamuwa Province. There are currently 18 editions of this one. It can be easily accessed on any computer because it is provided free of charge.


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We usually use Notepad to learn the HTML language normally. However, notepad is not necessary for that. The presenter of the Eheliyagoda projection, Thisara Sandaruvan, who created the world's first Sinhala antivirus software, will present you with a button-shaped tool, which will be available in 2015, and this track had come to the Primary Level in 2016, which can be used for the purpose of releasing a patch. Therefore, most computers can be used without installation.

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